WA’s first blockchain centre opens in Perth

We’ve read about it happening in Sydney and Melbourne and talks of new blockchain centres opening up in Australia, well the latest and greatest news is that one such centre has opened up in Western Australia.

West Perth is the home to the first blockchain centre in Western Australia!




So from here on crypto and blockchain enthusiasts shall have a centre in which ideas and knowledge can be shared and teamwork implemented on future projects that involve blockchain technology.

It is so wonderful to read about it all and to see the dynamics with which blockchain technology and the necessary logistics needed to make it all happen as a functioning part of Aussie communities.


As per the quotes in The Sydney Morning Herald:

“Having a permanent hub makes a significant difference as it ensures the public has a place they can walk into and seek guidance from.

“Whether it’s a retail investor or a developer interested in implementing the technology, a B centre as the knowledge hub has the access required to up skill the local ecosystem to ensure better outcomes through higher quality projects.”

Need I say any more!

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