The first independent crypto-lending company has launched into the Australian crypto-currency market.

As the crypto scene booms in Australia and as we see blockchain technology being tested out and introduced in the “red tape” of government sectors, it was only a matter of time til we saw “banking” or should I say “loan” services show up on our market.

As per the news shared by the following citation pretty much shall put a great big smile on all our faces Down Under!


Helio Lending, the first independent crypto lending company has launched into the Australian cryptocurrency market on Wednesday, giving Australians the chance to cryptos within Australia for the first time.

The lending services company will help provide borrowers with everyday goods using a new model that opens lending criteria adding economic gain to the Australian economy.

Crypto is taking Australia by storm and for all us crypto enthusiasts out there, this is a piece of news that clearly shows where crypto is heading Down Under.


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