News From Steem!

For those who are familiar with Steem and the majority of frond end apps built on the Steem blockchain, most will know that many ‘Steemians’ have been voicing different opinions about what is referred to as “User Reputations” or “User Reps”! Even though the current system in place functions it of course can never satisfy […]

Dtube – Making Steem Become The Dream!

Helping Steem become the dream! Dtube is a wonderful front end video app that is constantly upgrading its services and bringing people to Steem. A few hours ago, @nathanmars from Dtube just made a whopping great announcement via one of his vlogs. Basically, he is REWARDING PEOPLE WHO ARE MAKING STEEM BECOME THE DREAM!   […]


September Winner Announcement.   Four entries were received in September: OPINION: What Steemit Needs   How I believe we can promote steemit   My Entry for CONTEST: 150 STEEM – “PROMOting STEEM” – GO 4 IT!   Ulog #112 Steem Australia Promoting Steem   The winner for September was not necessarily […]

150 Steem PROMOting STEEM! Everyone is Welcome.

A quick update on the contest we are running: So far in the month of September we have received two entries. They are: How I believe we can promote steemit & OPINION: What Steemit Needs     What is this contest all about? Where can you find the details about it? How can […]