CONTEST: 150 STEEM – “PROMOting STEEM” – GO 4 IT! (Closed 31 December 2018)

CONTESTPRIZE POOL OF 150 STEEMEntries to date:OPINION: What Steemit Needs by @mhm-philippines (September Winner) Investing In Steem Power – The Best Way To Help Steem Land On The Moon by @tonytrillions (October Winner) CONTEST: 150 STEEM – “PROMOting STEEM” ENTRY: How to promote Steemit with your friends and not die trying by @hasbydiaz (November Winner) […]

150 Steem PROMOting STEEM! Everyone is Welcome.

A quick update on the contest we are running: So far in the month of September we have received two entries. They are: How I believe we can promote steemit & OPINION: What Steemit Needs     What is this contest all about? Where can you find the details about it? How can […]

Our Steem Witnesses From Australia.

Australian Steem Witnesses There are numerous Australian Steem Witnesses, here is the list (in alphabetical order): @ausbitbank @bobdos @comedyopenmic (50% Aussie owned: @idikuci) @cryptwo (aka @juicy-shark) @jackmiller @quochuy @sapphic @thekitchenfairy     Some may still wonder ‘What a Steem Witness is?’ Well, basically, Witnesses make the Steem blockchain tick. The Witnesses who have the most […]