Steve Wozniak on an Australian Bitcoin holiday!

Apparently Steve Wozniak has been invited to holiday in Australia by “Travelbybit”

The question of ‘Will Steve Wozniak take TravelbyBit up on his offer?’ probably depends on if he hears about it or not!


However, what a great marketing campaign and to think that this is all part of the BOOM that we are seeing in Crypto Down Under – WOW!

Looks like crypto is going to be taking Australia by storm with all the great news coming from Australia recently.


Let’s keep our fingers crossed that Steve Wozniak gets onboard and makes his Bitcoin holiday in Australia happen as soon as possible!

Hopefully we’ll see him catching a wave or two at some of our “backbeaches”!


For the full story please go to:

Australia invites Steve Wozniak on a Bitcoin holiday!

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