StellarX lists STEEM and SBD

Yes, you read it right, another of the newer and booming exchanges has listed Steem and SBD.

Absolutely fantastic news for everyone and in a big way for all us Aussies too.




Well this is what StellarX has in its offer apart from Crypto:


  • Fiat: Hong Kong Dollar, US Dollar, Chinese Yuan, Euro, Nigerian Naira, British Pound and Philippine Piso and soon Australian Dollar


Coindesk made the announcement about a week ago that there is going to be a new stablecoin out there that is = $ AUD


A new stablecoin is launching on the Stellar blockchain that’s designed to hold its value with the Australian dollar (AUD) and is being pitched for consumer and business uses.


You can read the full article about the stable coin at:


To check out the site, go to:


and if you are interested in seeing what all markets they have available, go to:


All in all a great piece of news for all Steemians, in particular for those of us who are from Australia!


Wishing everyone a great weekend on behalf of






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