STEEMFest 3 – Kraków, Poland – November 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 – 2018


STEEMFest 3 – Kraków, Poland

November 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 – 2018



The speaker & performer lineup is:

Founder of Steem and CEO of Steemit


Content Director, Steemit


Cofounder SteemMonsters and founder Minnow Support Project


Online instructor with 350,000+ students, entrepreneur, world traveler


Creator of Partiko, founder at Bit.Study


Travelling data analyst, aspiring photographer, and one of the SteemPeak ‘guys’


Olha – Community manager, contentmarketing Scorum


Anarcho-capitalist, libertarian and freedom fighter against the state & central banks


Digital nomads, public speakers and travel content creators


Witness, developer of SteemPlus and 1UP


CEO Oracle-D, Co-Founder Promo-Steem


Founder of eSteem Mobile/Surfer and other Steem apps


@Curie Top Curator, Co-Founder of the Curation Collective (@C-Squared)


Cofounder of Sndbox + The Creative Crypto Magazine


Cofounder of Sndbox + The Creative Crypto Magazine


Artist, urban sketcher and markers guru


Sci-Fi author, entrepreneur, tech geek and motivational speaker


Film actor, screenwriter, producer and founder of


Content creator and Steemhunt moderation team


Blockchain Competence Centre leader at the European Commission


Cofounder of The Writers Block, Steemhouse Publishing and Wordrow


Founder of


CTO Oracle-D, Co-founder Promo-Steem


Developer of D.Tube


Serial tech entrepreneur, lawyer and public interest advocate


Media consultant & entrepreneur


Musician, sound engineer, podcaster


Guatemala dweller, hostel owner, improv performer, event manager, slam poet


Entrepreneur, Videography, Aspiring Filmmaker


Vlogger, Entertainer, Artist


Vlogger and co-founder of Ddaily


Vlogger, Podcaster and Co-founder of Ddaily


CEO, Speaker, consultant, author, traveller, BBQ and #BeerSaturday creator


Co-Founder CleanPlanet, liberal nurse


Co-Founder CleanPlanet, crypto-experimentalist


SteemPress co-founder, economist and entrepreneur


Annemieke Dirkes
Voted spokesperson for BitShares blockchain, modern nomad and crypto enthusiast


CMO of Utopian, blogger, pink wonder


CEO of Utopian, an initiative empowering open source development on the Steem blockchain and beyond


Founder of FutureShock and Fundition


Creator, artist, vlogger, entrepreneur


Co-founder of @SteemRomania, OCD curator, Sndbox steward


Co-Founder of @SteemRomania, business developer, witness


Entrepreneur, developer, creator of SteemitBoard, SteemSQL and blockchain based applications


CEO of Waivio, excited about potential of open attention trading


Witness, blockchain developer, cryptocurrency evangelist, voluntaryist & music addict


Founder of Steemitworldmap and Learntocurie!


Communications manager, mentor of the @GlobalSchool


Project manager, mentor of the @Globalschool


Co-founder, 1Ramp. Building tech for creative communities


Priscilla Hernandez: composer, singer, fantasy illustrator, nature lover …


Vlogger, Founder of Steemit Health – Half of The SteemBirds


Music/Food/Photos/Travel/Creative – Half of The SteemBirds


Writer, rebel, musician, dragon rider and bright-hearted human


Record label manager, music producer and DJ


Singer, musician, producer, musicoin ambassador and Artzone curator


Software engineer by day, Blockchain developer by night. SteemPress co-founder


Cryptocurrency savage … because the future is digital


Co-founder and designer of Steemhunt


PR, marketing manager, co-founder & mentor of @globalschool


IT developer and blockchain enthusiast


Artzone & WAfrica creator, Steem Communities builder, Crypto fan, UI/X veteran


Founder, independent news media Founder and CEO, Next-gen Social Network and Open Platform of Apps


U°OS and U°Community Product Lead



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Can’t wait for all the news and information that shall be shared to one and all about the future of STEEM!


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