Steem News – New “News” Category on is getting to a stage where the category “Steem” just won’t do the job for all the news and updates on what all is going on in reference to the Steem blockchain!

With all the new front ends popping up, all the new apps, tools, support services that are now expanding into new arenas well out of the “blogging scene” it is actually getting to a point where one can safely say Steem is BOOMING!

Although the crypto scene has lately based its focus on the market and the fiat values of listed crypto tokens, there is a whole lot more out there that doesn’t get to the front page of the portals/newspapers from all the noise about the markets!

Guess as the old saying goes and as good ol’ AC/DC sang: “Money Talks”!


However, knowing very well that nothing has changed as far as the tech side of things goes and advancement in the blockchain scene is at an all time high, with projects out there aiming to out do all the figures and speeds we have seen to date, it is amazing and utterly mind blowing at what all the future has in stall for us.


Australia is by far one of the great explorers in this field, with investments from international and government sources happening so often that practically no other country out there can compare. Literally blockchain technology is becoming a everyday part of all Aussies lives, even if most don’t even realize what is going on!

Add to that the immense pleasure it gives to see Steem expanding with all the new offers and services out there which are directly on the Steem blockchain or indirectly hooked up with Steem, it is time to adapt to these parameters and try to keep up with the times.

Soon SteemAustralia’s Steem account @steemaustralia will have an automated resteeming (sharing) service up and runnign with all the latest and greatest from all our Aussies who are Steem Witnesses. This service shall expand to business and community branches too as time passes.

Now with this new news category added to it should be a lot easier to report and relay what all is going on with Steem and to keep up with the times.

Who knows where all this could lead to and what all not new additions are in line for this project/portal.

So without “rambling on about it” it is with great pleasure to say that from this weekend onward shall be implementing a series of little yet important additions to its overall service.

I’m sure that this little update has put a smile on many faces, especially those of us who are already a part of Steem aka “Steemians”.




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