Renewable energy-focused crypto startup in Freemantle

Fremantle has started a trial run that will allow some residents to trade solar power on a blockchain-based platform provided by renewable energy-focused crypto startup Power Ledger.

The trial is part of the RENeW Nexus Project that has brought together various entities including Power Ledger. The RENeW Nexus project was initiated with a view of exploring how future cities can use blockchain technology and big data to integrate distributed energy as well as water systems infrastructure.

So there we have it, the GIANTS of this world who are in the energy sector and utilities sectors are finally beginning to utilize blockchain technology and just as importantly CRYPTO!

This project shall definitely be a turning point and considering that this “trial” is running for only one year we can expect to see a lot of REAL LIFE use cases in all fields of daily life once energy and utility bills are being paid for with crypto!

The world as we know it is changing and it is all happening Down Under!

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