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Do your bit to make your Steem rocket it’s way to the moon!

SteemAustralia has been built using WordPress and yes we have the SteemPress plugin activated so what this means is that all Steem Promoters, Steem Ambassadors and partners who contribute to the promotion of Steem in Australia can be given the ability to publish posts on our site here.

Furthermore all posts published here shall automatically get posted on the Steem Blockchain and as such be visible to everyone using and/or Which means that these posts can be upvoted in accordance with the Steem ecosystem.

What this shall do is help build the resources that SteemAustralia has to offer to everyone who actively promotes Steem in Australia. Including but not limited to all of the people who do so via SteemAustralia.

Yes, we are actually building a “Guild” for Aussie Steem Promoters!

Using the Steem ecosystem to do so and by doing it this way helping build not only the value of Steem but also incentivize everyone who contributes via a rewards pool that is exclusively dedicated to promoting Steem in Australia.

Over time, the process of using this website here as a tool in our promotional activities shall help not only build a market for Steem in Australia but also increase the the incentive for all involved to go the extra mile. It shall take time, as all good things do, but as with all good things it is worth the time and the effort.

Add to this all the wonderful advantages and potential rewards already in place thanks to Promo-Steem, we can say without a shadow of a doubt, how everyone who gets involved with Promo-Steem in Australia via SteemAustralia can make a real difference for EVERYONE!


The first step is as simple as filling in the form below, listing where and how you can see yourself promoting Steem Down Under!


So what are you waiting for, lets make it happen: