Promo Steem – Australia


  • Steem Offers Potential earnings
    Make money while taking part in one of the best blockchains in the history of Crypto. Not only can you earn by doing what you normally do on social networks, but you can also get involved with a countless list of opportunities that already exist. From investing into existing projects that have utilized Steem to actually going out and making your ideas come to life. This is more than just ‘another blockchain” or ‘another cryptocurrency’.


  • One of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies
    Steem has seen a rising number of adopters, from programmers to investors. It can be said that the bulk of users are ordinary people who are have recognized how they can earn money doing what they did elsewhere for free.
    Imagine if you could turn all those hours, weeks, months and years spent on the internet into earnings!


  • Make an impact
    In 2018 we should see the introduction of Smart Media Tokens to the Steem blockchain. This addition is literally something that many out there have not yet grasped. It is a game changer in the world of online business as we know it.


  • Early Adoption
    As with any new business endeavour out there, usually it is the early adopters who tend to be the people who seem to make the most of it. Well, as the old saying goes “First in best dressed”. However, when we look at the facts, like for example it took Bitcoin approximately a decade to reach values of over and around $10,000 US, it is safe to say that after the first two years of Steem being in existence, that it is now that we can all hop on board this opportunity and make a world of difference.


  • Act now
    Steem shall become what we make it. Don’t expect things to happen on their own, we can literally change the world for so many people out there in Australia. Each and every one of us can promote Steem in so many different ways.
    Everything from among friends to online marketing all the way to organizing events at which Steem is promoted to all the people who attend. There really is no limit to how we can all go about it as individuals and as groups of individuals.




This is the key to every business. There is literally no other way to success, whether it be a small corner shop/milk bar or whether it be a multi million dollar venture such as Steem.

People need to communicate and share information about what they are doing in the business world. Yes, that is right, there is that word again “Business”.

Your Steem is a business.

Your Steem Account is part of your business.

How you present it and market it shall determine how successful you and everyone around you is.


Promo Steem is already building a world wide network of Steem enthusiasts who have recognized this, hence the logical step in teaming up with Promo Steem in the hope to get as many Aussies out there to start realizing the importance of marketing Steem.