As more and more people use smartphones instead of computers it is expected that the various blockchains out there keep up with the times!

One of the great things about Steem is that as the number of apps on the blockchain get released our options expand.

Here is one absolutely fantastic application that has been put out onto the market and is hooked up to the Steem blockchain.


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Yes, this app is designed to make your Steem experience ohh so much better when on a mobile phone.

The best part about it is that the developers are constantly looking at ways to make it more user friendly and in line with what “we” the consumers are wanting.

Now, this may sound like a sales pitch, but from all the reviews posted all over the Steem blockchain on the various front end blogging and vlog platforms, all one can say is:




To simply quote their website:


Full functionality
Partiko allows you to do all the cool things on the Steem blockchain, including posting articles, upvoting, searching, sliding vote and so many more.
& again, as per everything that the users of this app are saying it is everything that the owners/developers say it is.
If you are on the Steem blockchain and want to experience an entirely new way of hooking up to Steem and your Steem account, then look no further, Partiko is definitely something that you need to check out!
As a Steemian, I have to say “Thank you Partiko”
For anyone who is not yet making the most of what Steem has to offer, then don’t wait, check it out, you will definitely be amazed at what all is currently available on the Steem blockchain and left speechless as to what all is coming in the near future.
For more information about Partiko, and to download the app, please go to their official website:
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