Our Steem Witnesses From Australia.

Australian Steem Witnesses

There are numerous Australian Steem Witnesses, here is the list (in alphabetical order):



@comedyopenmic (50% Aussie owned: @idikuci)

@cryptwo (aka @juicy-shark)







Some may still wonder ‘What a Steem Witness is?’

Well, basically, Witnesses make the Steem blockchain tick. The Witnesses who have the most votes from users, with the votes being weighed in by the amounts these users have invested into the blockchain ($$$ wise).

So basically it is the foundation of the decentralized governance model that Steem prides itself on, and YES it does work!

Sure, as with any governance out there, things can change and people may have differences in opinions, but the fact is this model of a decentralized governance while ensuring the best interests of the entire ecosystem are looked after, which always puts ‘us the people’ at the top of priorities seems to be the first of its kind that works!

Who knows, maybe it could one day set a precedence in other sectors where governance is needed!

For more detailed information on this, I shall recommend the following site, but be warned, it is all about Steem and NOTHING else.



Don’t forget to check out the 150 Steem Contest up and running.

All that is needed is for you to talk about PROMOting STEEM!

All the details can be found on:


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