Australian Government


Australian Taxation Office (ATO)

Tax treatment of cryptocurrencies



The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)






Steem Blockchain

Busy – is a Blogging Platform.


DTube –

DTube is for v-logging (Videos) – is the “Home Page” of websites for general information about this non centralized international effort/community of Steemians who are promoting Steem. It has become the best organized source of information and networking opportunities for all Steemians who wish to promote Steem in their country/nation. – is a privately owned and operated website promoting Steem, Steemit and the community of Steemains known as “Team Australia”.

The owner/operator is a fellow Aussie Steemian, username: @just2random – is a site which makes delegating Steem Power (SP) easy for everyone.

No tracking cookies, no database, just a simple, crystal clear form with link generation, without any hidden accumulation of information that most other sites have. Safe and simple way to complete a SP delegation to anyone.

Owned and operated by @jackmiller (Witness)


Steemit –

Steemit is the central Blogging platform on which ALL posts from ALL websites that are hooked to/on the Steem Blockchain are visible.


Steempeak –

A new way to experience the Steem platform


SteepShot –

SteepShot is essentially a Photo Blogging site.