Institutional Investors Are Officially Entering the Cryptocurrency Market!

Well, it is happening, even though many are looking at the current fiat values of crypto tokens out there, the fact is that crypto is expanding into theaters of business that in the past decade was only considers to be “wishful thinking”. has put out a news article detailing it all;

Bloomberg reported that institutions had replaced individuals as the largest Bitcoin buyers. Institutional investors had entered the market through organising transactions with Bitcoin miners.

Forbes Magazine publishes the names of some of the institutional investors involved. Names like Goldman Sachs, which started offering a Bitcoin trading product. The New York Stock Exchange is also becoming involved with a Bitcoin futures market.


As can be read in the above quotes and in the sources listed in the quotes, it is clear that crypto is expanding and becoming a part of the economical world markets.

Definitely some great news for those of us who are looking at the long road of things!


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Institutional Investors Are Officially Entering the Cryptocurrency Market


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