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Many may not know much about trading crypto. Most people who have heard about crypto in brief tend to relate it to Bitcoin.



There is an a whole new world out there, with opportunities that many could never imagine possible! is a “trading” site, that helps people learn the inns and outs of trading.

They have numerous crypto tokens (currencies) listed and are looking to add more.

All it takes is 5000 votes for Steem to get listed as one of them.


How can you vote?

Just register through this page and it will add a vote for Steem:


To help you see how simple it is and just how valuable it is, here is a short video that was made by one of the many dedicated Steemians out there, who literally said it all in a way that all of us can understand it, no matter what our trade may be!

The adorable: @snook (who also from time to time uses @snookat for some apps)


Your vote can make a huge difference and it will definitely help make a very important site for all people wanting to learn about trading crypto.


Best part about it:



Yes, that’s right, you don’t have to pay anything, you will get “play money” to trade with and learn the inns and outs.


For all those people out there reading this who already are trading on a regular basis, go register for free and have some fun!

Look forward to seeing Steem listed on


Here is the registration link again, just in case:

Thanks for reading, don’t forget to bookmark and keep up with all the news and sources of up to date information about crypto and Steem in Australia.




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