Crypto & The Melbourne Cup.

The 2018 Melbourne Cup is Australia’s most famous horse race held over a distance of 3200 metres at Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne. Held on the first Tuesday of November each year the ‘race that stops a nation’.

Sure as anything the media has touched upon the fact of how crypto can also be used in the betting world and this great Australian event held once a year was definitely in the highlight!

Although using crypto for betting or should I say gambling is nothing new, for where there is a buck to be made, you can bet your bottom token (dollar) that it is being made! It is great to see how the everyday versatility and acceptance of crypto in Australian society is expanding and reaching new heights.

From the efforts up north in Queensland, when we see what all institutions and venues are now accepting crypto to this once a year Horse racing event!

Yes, gambling may be frowned upon by many, but it exists and those who wish to gamble shall do so, no matter what the public voices may say about it.

Once again, this post was inspired by the news put out there via one of the leading Aussie crypto websites known to us, for their scope on the topic check out:


Melbourne Cup Punters Betting on Bitcoin

Love seeing the media talking about how all crypto is being incorporated in our everyday lives!


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