CONTEST: 150 STEEM – “PROMOting STEEM” – GO 4 IT! (Closed 31 December 2018)

CONTESTPRIZE POOL OF 150 STEEMEntries to date:OPINION: What Steemit Needs by @mhm-philippines (September Winner) Investing In Steem Power – The Best Way To Help Steem Land On The Moon by @tonytrillions (October Winner) CONTEST: 150 STEEM – “PROMOting STEEM” ENTRY: How to promote Steemit with your friends and not die trying by @hasbydiaz (November Winner) […]

Blockchain Tech. Taking Australia by Storm!

In the mainstream media we are seeing an increase in the number of articles mentioning the new use cases being tested by Australian government bodies and likewise within various private business sectors. In the past weeks alone, there have been articles such as: Blockchain to improve Australian government efficiency by centralising databases Blockchain is something […]

LiveStream Announcement

Ned Scott, the CEO of Steemit Inc. shall be doing a livestream on Youtube later on today/tonight. The Youtube channel is: The livestream starts at: 12:00 (noon) EST which really means bugger all, so here is the real time 04:00 (AM) in: Canberra Melbourne Sydney 03:00 (AM) in: Brisbane 03:30 (AM) in: Adelaide 02:30 […]

Australia’s Blockchain Collective is launching the first accredited blockchain course

Australian cryptocurrency organization Blockchain Collective will soon be launching its Advanced Diploma of Applied Blockchain: the first “fully accredited” Australian Skills Quality Authority blockchain course. “We are honoured to bring accredited blockchain education to the Australian and International markets. This is just the tip of the iceberg with regards to implementing blockchain and distributed ledger […]

WA’s first blockchain centre opens in Perth

We’ve read about it happening in Sydney and Melbourne and talks of new blockchain centres opening up in Australia, well the latest and greatest news is that one such centre has opened up in Western Australia. West Perth is the home to the first blockchain centre in Western Australia!   Woooohooooo!   So from here […]