Blockchain Tech. Taking Australia by Storm!

In the mainstream media we are seeing an increase in the number of articles mentioning the new use cases being tested by Australian government bodies and likewise within various private business sectors.

In the past weeks alone, there have been articles such as:

Blockchain to improve Australian government efficiency by centralising databases

Blockchain is something that many of us associate with cryptocurrency. Some of us might even know of a few of the technology’s other applications. It’s more likely that few of us have thought about its enormous potential to not only improve what government does for taxpayers but make it smaller as well. Along with artificial intelligence, blockchain is regarded by many as a foundational pillar in what some refer to as the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”.


Australian Insurer Announces Blockchain Trial For Beef Export Supply Chain

Australian truck and transport insurance company National Transport Insurance (NTI) has revealed that it is partnering with BeefLedger, an Australian blockchain platform on a pilot program that will deploy blockchain technology for end-to-end tracking of Australian beef exports.

Aimed at improving food safety, export security and animal welfare in Australia, the program will use a distributed ledger platform alongside cutting-edge packaging technology and Internet of Things system to create and provide constant real-time data on beef product credentials and supply chain performance.


Australia’s First Real Estate Crypto Token: How Marlene Liontis’ House Coin will change how Australians invest in property

“I’m very passionate about lowering the barrier to entry and making property investment accessible to as many people as possible,” Marlene explains. Describing RealRenta as a “do-it-yourself property management software platform”, Marlene is changing the traditional world of Australian real estate. RealRenta operates as an online property management platform, that allows individuals to take control of their properties without a real estate agent.

It’s a revolutionary software that puts power back in the hands of the people. Now, with the power of crypto and security tokens, the RealRenta team are taking property investment to the next level.


Australia: National Transport Insurance Partners on Blockchain for Food Safety Trial

Australia’s National Transport Insurance (NTI) has announced it will trial a blockchain system to improve supply chain integrity for beef exports abroad. The trial was reported by local transport industry magazine Fully Loaded ATN on Dec. 10.

NTI will reportedly be partnering with BeefLedger, an Australian “integrated provenance, blockchain security and payments platform,” which combines blockchain with Internet of Things (IoT) technology to bolster product credentials across the supply chain.


& there are plenty more interesting articles out there, including but not limited to the ones mentioned in the News Category here on

It is clear that blockchain technology is going to be an everyday part of our lives and this opens the doors to crypto being a normal part of every persons life.

With all the various news sources out there, from the ones that are concentrating on crypto, technology, finances all the way to the mainstream media reporting the facts about blockchain technology and its uses that are coming our way there is definitely nothing left for some of us to do than to smile!

Looking forward to a bright future!

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