Association for Digital Asset Markets (ADAM) – Launched

It’s happening!

Association for Digital Asset Markets (ADAM)

Ten firms already in the cryptocurrency scene have united their efforts to launch the “Association for Digital Asset Markets” (ADAM) with the goal of establishing a Code of Conduct for crypto/blockchain business conducted in the United States of America.

As per the representatives of ADAM:

“Over 200 years ago, market leaders came together to draft rules that led to the creation of the New York Stock Exchange. The advent of digital assets requires a similar effort; one that will clarify existing rules and give both investors and regulators the confidence necessary to sustain this market.”


This is all fine and mighty and it all comes ‘just in time’ for the institutional investors who have shown more than just an interest in the crypto scene.


Institutional Investors Are Officially Entering the Cryptocurrency Market!


All in all it looks like The USA shall be following Australia’s example in defining the legal status of crypto and ensure that the doors open to much ‘safer’ (& possibly “bigger”) investments in the crypto scene.


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