About Us

Our Vision

Expanding the use of Steem and SBD to all sectors of business and life in Australia. Using our most valuable resources that we have, our Human Resources, as a foundation to building a network of new opportunities.

Promo-Steem is more than just a network of Steemians, it is a vision in which Steem is promoted to the point where it becomes a part of our everyday lives.

All of us Steemians can join in and help promote Steem to our little/big part of this world.

Promo-Steem has become our networking ‘capital’ in doing so and now we are looking at getting as many Australians to get involved and promote Steem in their own part of our great nation. Every Aussie is important and there is no person out there who can’t do their bit make Steem grow and expand all over Australia.


Australians on The Steem Blockchain


Our Story

Every venture has a beginning and so to does ours, on The Steem Blockchain. Our two Crypto Tokens (currencies) are Steem and SBD. From the word “GO” there were Australians who got involved with building The Steem Blockchain and expanding it into an international network. Unlike any other “Social Network” Steem has opened up an almost countless array of opportunities for one and all. Everything from personal business, social networking to practically you name it. As the number of Australians who own and use Steem has grown so too have the practical needs of creating various tools and aids such as this one here.

One of the first Australian organizations on Steem was called “Team Australia”.

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The “Founders” of Team Australia are people who go by the usernames of @sirknight & @ausbitbank.

Both of whom are devoted to seeing Steem grow in value and become everything that it possibly can in this dynamic crypto theater.

The idea of forming Team Australia was accepted by many Australians and today we have one of the fastest growing communities on The Steem Blockchain.

Team Australia has become a fantastic, totally wonderful, energetic and promising group of Aussies who are everything that the word “TEAM” should mean. Helping and supporting fellow Aussies as individuals in all their efforts and endeavours.

This is the teams account on our blockchain, where you can see many a post about what the TEAM has been up to and how they are making Steem grow and as a loving group of people with nothing but kindness in their inner beings contributing to making Steem decentralized and welcoming to all Aussies out there.



Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi….

Us Aussies have really been all involved in the journey of Steem through the past two years. I dare say that there is rarely an open community of people who are involved with Steem in which at least one Aussie isn’t an active member!

The Steem ecosystem has a decentralized governance, this is rather hard to explain at times, as the terms “decentralized and governance” don’t seem to go hand in hand anywhere in life as we know it. Well here it does and our “Representatives” if I can use this term as the closest parallel are called Witnesses.

Yes we have a number of Aussies who are Steem Witnesses 😉


Australian Steem Witnesses

There are numerous Australian Steem Witnesses, here is the list (in alphabetical order):



@comedyopenmic (50% Aussie owned: @idikuci)

@cryptwo (aka @juicy-shark)







Some may still wonder ‘What a Steem Witness is?’

Well, basically, Witnesses make the Steem blockchain tick. The Witnesses who have the most votes from users, with the votes being weighed in by the amounts these users have invested into the blockchain ($$$ wise).

So basically it is the foundation of the decentralized governance model that Steem prides itself on, and YES it does work!

Sure, as with any governance out there, things can change and people may have differences in opinions, but the fact is this model of a decentralized governance while ensuring the best interests of the entire ecosystem are looked after, which always puts ‘us the people’ at the top of priorities seems to be the first of its kind that works!

Who knows, maybe it could one day set a precedence in other sectors where governance is needed!

For more detailed information on this, I shall recommend the following site, but be warned, it is all about Steem and NOTHING else.



Australian Steem Ambassador(s)

Jack Miller

@jackmiller (username on Steem)

Well, I am the first Australian Steem Ambassador and I see it as my responsibility to ensure we expand the list of Australian Steem Ambassadors all over our continent!

Definitely a nice little challenge, considering the size of our Commonwealth of Australia!

If you wish to find out more on this endeavour you can click on “PROMO STEEM” in the Menu and check it out.

Anyone willing and able to promote Steem in their State, City or Town is more than welcome to hop on board!

Steem shall become what we the people make it!